Object Names provide Galaxy account admins with the opportunity to adjust Galaxy features’ names to better suit their organisation’s needs. By ensuring the name label of these items matches the terminology used in your Customer Journey Mapping and Management method, you’ll enable users in your account to work with the platform more efficiently.

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The Impact of Changing Object Names

Changes made to Object Names within your organisation’s Galaxy account are visible for all other users in the account and therefore changing the name labels has a large impact on platform use. Users will be able to view the system default names under the Object Names tab, so they can still access relevant knowledge base information. A few tips for dealing with the Object Name labels in the most efficient way;

  • Try to select Object Names that make sense for your organisation either when setting up your account or early in the use process. This will increase the likelihood of not having to change the Object Names again in the (near) future.

  • When you do change any of the Object Names, make sure to communicate this change to your platform users. This will limit any confusion when they view changed name labels.

  • Try to incorporate the terminology in meetings, supporting documents and instructions to help platform users with the adoption of the Object Names.

  • Make sure to use consistent terms for each group of objects, to avoid confusion. This will mean simultaneously changing the Widget Name, Singular and Plural forms.

Setting Up your Object Names

Changing the default system names to new Object Name labels can be done by Galaxy account admins.

  1. Go to the ‘Object Names' tab under 'Content Management’

  2. Select the default system name you’d like to change

  3. Go to the field on the right of it in the column labelled ‘custom name’ and type the new name label for this object

  4. Press ‘Save’. Your new Object Name has now been saved, changes will automatically be implemented throughout the entire platform. Use consistent terms and be mindful of entering matching singular and plural forms.

Only Galaxy account admins are able to change default system names to custom names.

Overview of Customisable Object Names

Not all objects within the Milkymap Galaxy are available for customization. The following Object Names can be changed by Galaxy account admins:

A Widget is a type of field you can add to different locations within the platform, like your CX Life Cycle Model, an overall Milkymap, Episode Lanes or Touchpoint Lanes. Changing this name label will change the displayed name when selecting a new Widget type to add and the name label once this Widget has been added to a location.

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