New Features

  • It is now possible to integrate Jira with the Milkymap Galaxy platform, allowing organisations to more accurately and efficiently track work and projects. If this is something that you and your organisation would be interested in using, please contact us using this form.

  • Object Names in the platform can now be customised by Galaxy account admins. Editing these name labels will allow you to use organisation-specific terminology consistently, also in our platform. Read more about Customizing Object Names.

  • This sprint included two completely new content types, the first of which is the ‘Moment of Truth’. It can be used as a Widget, Episode Lane and Touchpoint Lane item. Find more about this content type in this article.

  • Co-ownership is now possible for Milkymaps. This will allow organisations to effectively collaborate, by having multiple users work together on one Milkymap. Read more about co-ownership in this article.

  • Another new content type this sprint is created with Insights and their connected Facts. This will help organisations keep track of important Insights & Facts in their Customer Journeys and across their account. Insights can be linked to Moments of Truth to support why these specific moments are important.

  • Custom Lists can be created by admins and added to Insights. This will allow you to customize the use of Insights in your account to better suit your organisation’s needs.


  • When duplicating a Milkymap, the word ‘Copy’ would sometimes show up in front of all Touchpoint titles. This has now been limited to Touchpoints that are duplicated manually.

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