As the admin of your organisation’s Galaxy account, you’ll be able to adjust the CX Life Cycle Model(s). Changing content in the Model will impact other users, as the CX Life Cycle Model is a framework that can be used to connect multiple Milkymaps.

If you want to find out more about Editing your CX Life Cycle Model, visit that section in this article.

The CX Life Cycle Model of your organisation can only be altered by your Galaxy account admin(s).

You can either Delete or Edit Components (Stages, Phases, Contact Reasons) of your organisation’s CX Life Cycle Model. These will impact your organisation’s users differently.

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Deleting Components

As an account admin, you won’t be able to Delete any Components that have Contact Reasons in them or any Contact Reasons that are connected to any Milkymaps in your account. Even after you select ‘Yes’ in the warning message that pops up after trying to Delete a Component, the Stage, Phase or Contact Reason will remain in your CX Life Cycle Model. This is done purposefully, to ensure you don’t remove any connections to existing Milkymaps.

You are free to Delete any Components that are not connected to Milkymaps. This will automatically remove the Stage, Phase, or Contact Reason from your Life Cycle and make it unavailable for users to select when creating Touchpoints in their Milkymaps.

If you want to Delete any Components that are connected to Milkymaps in your organisation’s account, discuss the removal first with the owners of these maps. They can switch to a different Contact Reason to remove the connection, allowing you to Delete the Component.

Editing Components

In order to edit a Life Cycle Model, you first need to deactivate the model.

  1. Go to your Dashboard by using the top menu bar

  2. Press the three dots in the top right corner of the Life Cycle Model you’d like to deactivate and then edit.

  3. Choose ‘Deactivate’ in the dropdown and press it.

  4. Read the warning message and accept. You have now deactivated your Life Cycle Model, allowing you to edit it.

You can Edit all Components at any time, regardless of the connection to any existing Milkymaps. If you change the name of a Contact Reason, for example, it will also change in any Milkymaps where that Contact Reason has been included. These changes will be immediate, so users will see the new name in their selection dropdown menu right away.