You can add content to your Milkymaps using Lanes and Widgets. There is only one type of Widget in a Milkymap, but Lanes come in two types: Episode Lanes and Touchpoint Lanes. You can also use Widgets to add content to your CX Life Cycle Model.

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Widgets allow you to add content to your Milkymaps at a general level. Just like Milkymap details and settings, they contain information regarding the entire Customer Journey or content that should be viewed as a summary of the complete journey.

Widgets can also be used to add content to your CX Life Cycle Model. You can add Widgets to Stages, Phases and Contact Reasons, so you can enrich your Life Cycle Model at varying levels.


You can add Lanes at two levels within a Milkymap. On the main Customer Journey level, below each of the Episodes. As well as on a lower (more detailed) level, within an Episode, at the Touchpoint level. There is a distinguishment between Episode Lanes and Touchpoint Lanes.

Episode Lanes

Episode Lanes are the middle level of information in a Milkymap. The content in this case is connected to specific Episodes. This allows you to provide context, track performance, or tell customer stories at an Episode level. Read more about Episode Lanes in this article.

Touchpoint Lanes

In order to add content at a micro level, Touchpoint Lanes can be used. All content added here is relevant within a particular Episode, at a Touchpoint level. Find out more about the proper use of Touchpoint Lanes here.