New Features

  • KPIs are now divided into ‘My KPIs’, for individual use throughout the platform, and ‘Our KPIs’ created by admins. ‘Our KPIs’ are verified content items that are used throughout your organisation and they can be added to all Milkymaps. Read more about KPIs here.

  • Two new configuration options have been added to the Life Cycle Model module, giving Galaxy account admins more control over the way the model is used within the organisation. An admin can now control the option of making new connections with an inactive Life Cycle Model, as well as making a Life Cycle Model connection mandatory before publishing a Milkymap.


  • Viewers and users occasionally weren’t able to view ‘Our Personas’, this issue has now been fixed. Now all platform users can view ‘Our Personas’ and they can be linked to different locations within Milkymaps across the platform.