New features

  • Rich text editing added to text fields, Milkymap description, Episode description and Touchpoint title.

  • Users can now collapse the Journey section of their Milkymap in both edit and presentation mode. The Journey section has three modes: fully expanded, fully collapsed and partially collapsed.

  • A new user type has been added: people can now be invited to the platform as Viewers. Viewers can access ‘Our Milkymaps’ and can comment on their team member’s published maps or after they’ve been invited to do so.

  • You can now filter ‘My Milkymaps' and 'Our Milkymaps’ based on icons.


  • In some circumstances, users would lose the title of their Milkymap when exporting. This issue has been resolved, titles appear in any export type.

  • Some users experienced issues adding comments after being invited to comment. This has been fixed, now every user invited to comment can add comments to Milkymaps.

  • When changing the state of your Milkymap, the map would occassionally display the old state. This has been fixed, now it immediately displays the change that was made.