A Milkymap consists of different levels and is structured in a particular way. This standardized structure will make it easier for you and your organisation to create uniform and therefore comparable maps.

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Levels within a Milkymap

A Milkymap consists of different levels, which will allow you to build a clear overview. From more general to very detailed information, the Milkymap platform allows you to tell your customer’s story in its totality.

Milkymap Details

Customer Journey Level information, or Milkymap Details - This is the meta-information regarding your Milkymap, consisting of a Title, a Description, and optionally any Media you’d like to add.

  • Title - Every Milkymap starts with ‘I', which stands for the customer, user, student, patient, citizen, etc. E.g.: ‘I renew my contract'. Starting with ‘I’ enables you to view the journey from a customer’s perspective.

  • Description - In the Description, you can add any information you feel describes the journey. This can mean mentioning the persona or personas, providing context for their wants and needs, storytelling, etc. You can also include more practical information, like people that participated in the workshop in which the Milkymap was created.

  • Media - You can use Media to add an Image or link a Video that helps you visualize the overall Customer Journey.

In addition to the Milkymap details, you can also use Widgets to add information to your Milkymap at an overall or general level. Find out more about Widgets here.


Episodes are like chapters in the book of your customer’s journey. Episodes are the steps they move through, providing you with an overview and structure for your Milkymaps. To maintain a clear overview, we recommend using between 5 and 7 Episodes.

  • Title - Much like Milkymap Titles, Episode Titles also start with ‘I' to keep a customer’s perspective in mind.

  • Description - In the Episode Description, information should become more specific. Include their jobs to be done in this particular step for example, or a goal they’re trying to accomplish, maybe some highs or lows that are relevant here.

  • Media - Use Media to add a visualisation for that particular Episode.

All Episodes consist of a number of Touchpoints, the moments that build up these chapters.


A touchpoint is an activity a customer is doing in a certain channel with a specific reason/intention. This is the need of the customer.

  • Title - Every touchpoint starts with 'I', which stands for the customer, user, student, patient, citizen, etc. This is our formula to create Touchpoint Titles: I [active verb] [channel] because / to [Contact Reason]. For example, ‘I visit the website to change my personal information’.

  • Channel - A channel is the medium through which a customer activity takes place. A Milkymap Galaxy account admin can set up the channels that can be selected in Touchpoints.

  • Contact Reason - Using a Contact Reason, you can connect your Touchpoint to a CX Life Cycle Model.

Now you have captured the complete activity of the customer in a certain channel with a reason, so it is clear what the customer is doing.