New Features

  • ‘Insights’ has now been renamed to ‘Improvements’. It can still be found under Action Control in the top menu bar. Galaxy account admins can now adjust the name of ‘Improvements’ and ‘Actions’. This will provide them with more flexibility to use this Widget type and menu in their account.

  • The steps to invite others to comment has been changed. You now no longer need to switch comments on for your Milkymaps, you can directly invite other people in your account to do so. Read more about using the comment feature for feedback here.

  • Users now have the option to directly add new Widgets to their Touchpoints when viewing them at a Touchpoint level with just the click of a button.

  • Previously you couldn’t view connected Milkymaps by clicking them in your dashboard. If you now press a Milkymap under your Life Cycle Model(s), it will open in edit mode if you’re the owner and presentation mode if it belongs to another user in your account.


  • The dropdown menu under the connected Milkymaps in the Dashboard wasn’t always available, thereby limiting the use of this location to transfer ownership. This issue has now been fixed, allowing users and admins to transfer ownership in the overview of connected Milkymaps.

  • When duplicating items, the word ‘Copy’ is now added in front of the name. This means it’s now easy to identify a duplicated KPI, Persona, Life Cycle Model, Milkymap, Episode and Touchpoint.

  • KPI scores would sometimes not be visible after adding them in one of your Milkymaps, this issue has now been fixed.

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