Milkymap allows you to collaborate with other users in your account in multiple ways. Either through Sharing, Exporting, or by using Comments.

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Sharing & Exporting Maps

You can ask other users to review your work by sharing a Milkymap with them. You’ll be able to share it in different formats (through a Sharable link, Excel, PDF, or Image file). You can add a personalized message, where you can highlight specific points you’d like the receiver to review. Sharing is only available for users in your organisation’s Milkymap account. Find out more about sharing in this article.

You can also share your work with others by exporting your Milkymaps. This will allow you to also share the file with people outside of your organisation’s Milkymap Galaxy account. Exporting a Milkymap will create an offline copy of it. Exporting Milkymaps is described in this article.

Using Comments to Receive Feedback

Using Milkymap, you can also generate feedback from other users within your organisation directly through the platform.

  1. Go to the Milkymap you’d like to receive comments on by clicking it. You can only request comments for Milkymaps you own.

  2. Press the text bubble icon in the top menu bar

    Select the user or users you’d like to receive comments from.

Invite People to Comment window

You can add all the necessary information to send the invitation in this window.

  • Select User - Select a user to comment on your Milkymaps. You can click a user in the dropdown menu to select them or use the search function.

  • Add User - Click the ‘add user’ button to add another user field, allowing you to receive feedback from multiple users through one invitation.

  • Add Optional Message - Type here to include a message with your feedback invitation request.

Viewing the Comments you’ve received

  1. Go to the Presentation Mode of your Milkymap by clicking the ‘Present’ button in the top navigation bar

  2. Press the ‘Comment’ icon again to open the dropdown menu

  3. Click ‘Open Comments’ here to see all the comments that have been added to your Milkymap. Either scroll through your map to see all comments where they’re added or use the Comment list on the left-hand side to look at them all at the same time.

  4. Press ‘Close Comments’ in the same dropdown menu in which you’ve just opened them once you’re done reviewing the comments you’ve received.

Exporting Comments

To export comments:

  1. First, go back to the ‘Edit view’ of the Milkymap that you’d like to export the comments of.

  2. Click the ‘Comment’ icon to open a dropdown menu

  3. Press ‘Export Comments’ there to export the comments you’ve received on this Milkymap.