As a Galaxy account admin, you can change the owner of any published Milkymap. This is a useful feature for when a user within your organisation’s account leaves the company for example, or they switch roles. Users and admins can change the owner of a Milkymap if they’re the current owners, regardless of the status.

This article is regarding the primary ownership of a Milkymap, read more about co-ownership here.

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Changing the Owner of a Milkymap

There are multiple locations where you can change the owner of your Milkymap.

You can transfer published Milkymaps to a different owner if you’re a Galaxy Account Admin or the User that currently owns the Milkymap. This can be done from two different locations:

Through your Dashboard

  1. Go to your Dashboard by clicking ‘Dashboard’ in the top navigation bar

  2. Scroll down to the Active and Inactive Milkymaps below the CX Life Cycle Model(s) of your organisation

  3. Select the Milkymap you’d like to transfer ownership and press the name of the current owner to open a dropdown menu

  4. Click the name of the user you’d like to transfer the ownership of the Milkymap to.

  5. You’ve now changed the owner of this Milkymap.

Through your Life Cycle Model

  1. Access your Dashboard by pressing ‘Dashboard’ in your top navigation bar.

  2. Press the Life Cycle Model the Milkymap you’d like to transfer ownership of is connected to.

  3. Select a section of the Life Cycle Model by pressing it. By pressing a Stage or Phase, you’re automatically selecting all Contact Reasons in it. Now that you’ve selected one or multiple sections of your Life Cycle Model, you will see a list of Milkymaps on the right side under the ‘Milkymaps’ tab.

  4. Click the three dots on the right side of the Milkymap and select ‘Change Owner’ from the dropdown.

  5. This will open up another window, in which you can select the user you’d like to transfer ownership to by pressing it.

Both of these options only work for published Milkymaps, you can not view Milkymaps users haven’t published yet.

Through your Milkymap overview ('My Milkymaps', ‘Our Milkymaps’ and custom views)

Admins can also change published Milkymaps that their currently not the owner of, for which the instructions will be the same.

  1. Press ‘Milkymaps’ in the top menu bar to access your Milkymap overview. Select the viewing tab where the Milkymap is located or find it by searching for it.

  2. Find the Milkymap you’d like to change the owner of. The map needs to either belong to you or you need to be a Galaxy account admin, in which case you can change any owner.

  3. Press the three dots on the right side of the Milkymap and click ‘Change Owner’ in the dropdown menu.

  4. A new window will open up, where you can select a user or admin from your account to transfer ownership to.