The Milkymap platform has a presentation mode for your Milkymaps, allowing you to present your work to others without you having to incorporate it into a presentation file like PowerPoint. This means you won’t have to Export or Share the file to showcase your work.

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The Difference between Presentation Mode & Edit Mode

In Presentation Mode, you can showcase all the information you’ve added to your Milkymap, without any of the Editable buttons and options. By removing this clutter, it’s easy for you to discuss the content with others. Items are still clickable in Presentation Mode, allowing you to utilize all layers of information you’ve added to your Milkymaps.

Presentation Mode Example

As you can see in the video, switching from Edit to Presentation Mode removes fields that are editable or makes them uneditable. Presentation Mode view focuses on the content you’ve added to your maps and removes any clutter.