New Features

  • The Galaxy now has a free 30-day trial option, so organisations and teams can explore the platform.

  • You can now switch the Life Cycle Model on or off in your account. Switching the Life Cycle Model module off means you’re not obligated to connect Touchpoints in your maps to the Life Cycle Model through Contact Reasons.

  • A completely new compare function: allowing you to compare a summary of multiple different Milkymaps.

  • A search option has been added to emotions. When adding an emotion either through an Emotion Block or Emotion Curve, you can now search the list of 78 emotions.

  • You can now use a breadcrumb trail when navigating Milkymaps. This will make the navigation much easier, as you can access different sections of your Milkymaps with just one or a few clicks.


  • The space for Contact Reason text has been increased, allowing you to read the complete sentence.

  • The collapsible Journey section of your Milkymap is now set to fully expanded as a default.

  • Changes in the company image, transparent backgrounds are now supported.

  • Users can now view the account’s Life Cycle Model and connected Milkymaps.

  • There was a filtering issue in ‘My Milkymaps’ and ‘Our Milkymaps’ which has now been fixed.