New Features

  • Channels can now have two levels; in addition to the existing channel level sub channels can be added.

  • Custom lists were already available in Insights, but can now be set up by admins to be used in Touchpoints as well. Every account can add two custom lists, which can help you add important information to your Touchpoints.

  • Template Widgets and Lanes can be created in Parent Milkymaps, providing structure for Child Milkymaps to add content to.


  • Co-owner is now an available filter, meaning you can find Milkymaps that certain users are co-owner of as well.

  • Brands are now more legible in filtering options, as the name is displayed next to their added image.

  • Parent-Child hierarchy is now more clearly visible in the export, by using the same indicators at the top of your export file. Both the Parent and Child name are now displayed in purple here to provide hierarchy information.