With Lanes you can add different types of information in each Episode. It gives you the flexibility to enrich your Customer Journey Map. See here an example:

Click on the Lanes button in the Episode Editor to choose a type of Lane. You can choose from:

You see a popup where you can choose from a list with different type of elements.

  • Free Text; where you can enter one or more lines with free text.
  • Image; choose from your existing library or upload a new image.
  • Separator; divide one or more lanes into sections with a Separator.
  • Attachment; choose from your existing uploaded documents or upload a new document.
  • Channel; choose from the list of channels from your account.
  • Emotion; choose from the Wheel of Plutchik an emotion, which will be visualized as word (no curve).
  • Emotion Curve; choose the emotions you want to see in a curve.
  • Touchpoints; choose from the touchpoints you already created in that episode, e.g. for making a scenario.

For every Lane you can add a Label to give a title to that specific Lane. The eye icon you can click makes the Lane visible or invisible in the presentation mode.

Lanes is exported to Excel.

We give you freedom of enriching your Customer Journey Map, so go ahead: Milkymap as much as you want!

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