With Comments, Milkymap makes it possible to let others give comments on your Milkymaps. Just invite them and they will receive an email with a link. When they click on this link, they are able to add comments and reply on existing comments. You have to enable 'Comments' in the settings of the comments section to receive comments.

As an owner of a Milkymap, you are able to use comments. Invited users need to have a Satellite subscription to give comments on a Milkymap from others.

You find Comments on the right top corner of the screen, see the screenshot below.

You can enable or disable Comments in the 'Comment settings'. You can invite people to give comments and send them a personal message with the option 'Invite people to comment'. You can also export all the comments to Excel with the option 'Export comments'.

If you start presenting your Milkymap by clicking on the Present button on the top of the page, you will be able to see the menu to manage the comments. You can manage the comments by clicking 'Open comment editor'. You can invite more people to give comments by clicking on 'Invite people to comment'. And you can directly copy the sharable link for commenting by clicking on 'Get sharable link'. If you send the link to someone, that person has to have a Satellite subscription to give comments.

Good luck with Comments.

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