To make your Milkymap even more alive, it is possible to add quotes from customers. You can use real quotes or quotes that you want to have from a customer, when
building a future state map.

You can add quotes on all levels, on map level, on episode level and on touchpoint level.

In the episode editor, click on the quote icon to open the quotes screen for the quotes on map level.

In an episode, click on "Quotes added" to add, change or delete quotes on episode level.

In a touchpoint, click on 'Add quotes' to add, change or delete quotes.

When you opened the quotes screen, you can add, change or delete quotes. Per line you can add the name of the customer who said it, the sentiment (positive, neutral or negative) and the quote. You can add as many quotes as you want.

Click 'Save quote' to save your work and go back to the episode editor screen.

To show the quotes when presenting, always click on the quotes icon the show the quotes.

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