When you are presenting your Milkymap, you will see all created touchpoints in one overview, under the journey curve. You can switch the order, by moving the journey curve under and the touchpoint overview on top. Click on the arrows on the left side of the screen.

When you click on a touchpoint, you will see the details of this touchpoint in a small pop up. In this way you can present the full details to your audience and the viewer can browse through the touchpoints and learn from it or validate it.

Note: every touchpoint has a number, belonging to that touchpoint in this overview. If you change the order of the touchpoints in the edit mode, the order and the numbers here will change as well. These number are meant for when you are presenting the map and you want to refer to a touchpoint in this overview. It is easier for you and the participants to mention a number than the sentence of the touchpoint.

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