To create more meaning and impact, it is useful to add attachments to your maps. In Milkymap, you can do this on three levels: 1. Milkymap level, 2. Episode level and 3. Touchpoint level. You can choose on what level you want to add an attachment.

Adding attachments is easy, you can choose them from the library with attachments that you uploaded earlier or you can upload new attachments. You can re-use them and you don't have to upload them again next time. Visit your library to look for the right attachment.

You can see and open attachments when you presenting your map. Click on the paperclip:

When you click on the paperclip, the attachments appear. You can click on the attachment to open it in a new screen. When you attached a video, it will open in Youtube or Vimeo:

You can manage your files in file management, click here for more information.

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