In Milkymap there are two curves, the journey curve and the episode curve.

Journey curve: the emotions of the episodes visualized in an emotion curve that shows the emotions of the episodes. You can choose two emotions per episode if you have a paid subscription.
Episode curve: within an episode, you have touchpoints. For each touchpoint you can choose an emotion. In an episode there are more touchpoints and putting them in order gives you the curve of the emotions in an episode. It is necessary that the touchpoints are in the right order. You can change the order in the edit modus, there where you create and edit your touchpoints.

To get to the episode curve, click on the curve icon on the left side of the screen when you are presenting a Milkymap and you are in the details of an episode.

When you click on the curve icon, the episode curve looks like this:

Ordering Touchpoints

Changing the order of the touchpoint is possible by dragging and dropping the touchpoints in the order you want. In the edit modus, you can go to the touchpoints and drag the tiles and drop them in the right order. Then the episode curve with the emotions you chose in these touchpoints, will be visible when you present your map.

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