Presenting a Customer Journey Map is important. And to create impact and improve customer experience is even more important. That's why we created the 'Journey Curve'. The possibility to choose one or two emotions per episode that will be shown as a Journey Curve, the emotions from the customer in each episode. In this way you can emphasise what a customer is going through, not only in channels and activities, but also in emotional status. This brings more quality to your Milkymap and no other platform uses a set of emotions that is so sophisticated.

Did you know that you can drag the emotions up and down? With this feature you can change the height of the emotion and create your own Journey Curve that fits with your story. Don't worry, it will remember the location of the emotion in your Journey Curve, so in every export and share it will show the same curve.

Plutchik's wheel of emotions is a proven theory around the 72 emotions that exist in human beings. That why we chose to adapt this wheel of emotions. You can turn the wheel by clicking on Axon on the right. You can also show the emotions in a different way by clicking on the 3 vertical lines on the right top corner. Easy, no? 

More information about Plutchik's wheel of emotion, click here (Wikipedia).
More information about the second emotion curve, click here.

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