We understand that you want to try the Satellite subscription. That's why we make it possible to use the Satellite subscription for 15 days, without any costs and no credit card required. We call this a trial Satellite subscription. During these 15 days you can choose to upgrade to any paid subscription. If you don't upgrade, you will go back to the free Astronaut subscription after these 15 days. Then you can always choose to upgrade to a paid subscription in a later stage.

When you decide to upgrade, you can use your credit card or Paypal, so that you can keep using the features in a paid subscription. You will never loose information or data if you switch from an Astronaut subscription to a trial or from a trial to a paid subscription. If you downgrade, you cannot access/change some content, but it will always be available if you upgrade again.

There is one difference between the trial Satellite subscription and Satellite subscription; in a trial you cannot export a complete Milkymap as a .milkymap file. If you want to have this functionality, you can upgrade to Satellite during your trial period. Remember that you start having the Satellite subscription right away and you start paying right away. Easy as that.

In the Satellite subscription you have the option to add modules. When upgrading, Milkymap will ask you to choose from the modules, like Lanes. You can always continu without subscribing to this module and just stick with the Satellite subscription.

In a trial Satellite subscription and in the paid subscription you can add, connect and delete attachments and manage them with file management. In the Astronaut subscription you can see the attachments you added and connected, you can download them and disconnect them. In the Astronaut subscription you cannot add new attachments or connect existing attachments.

We love feedback, so let us know what you are missing and what you love about Milkymap.

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