RELEASE 1.60.00 - January 21st 2020

 1. Lanes added as a Module
It is now possible to add a Module to you Satellite subscription. With Lanes you can add details to the episodes, adding one or more columns with your own data and content. We listened to our users and we delivered. With Lanes we add a functionality that makes it possible for you to customize and build a Customer Journey Map in your own style, with your own labels and with your own content. Go!

2. Several user interface fixes and bug fixes to make Milkymap even better 

RELEASE 1.3 - July 8th 2019

1.New subscription model
With the Astronaut, Rocket and Satellite we have three subscriptions available.

2.Several bug fixes and user interface optimizations.

RELEASE 1.2 - May 14th 2019

Composition layout and usability has been refined through design improvements in de episode editor mode, when creating episodes.

2. Touchpoints in presentation mode
Touchpoints are clearly visible in the presentation mode and you can turn them on and off. When clicking on a touchpoint, you see all the details. Next to that, you can hide the emotion curve, to only see the touchpoints.

3. Emotion curve and touchpoints
Improvements have been made for changing the shape of the emotion curve and the touchpoints.

4. Customer quotes
With Customer Quotes you can add quotes to the map, episode or touchpoint. This is a good way of adding things that real customers have, would have or are going to say. 

5. Custom logo
You can now change the logo you see on the export of a Milkymap, you can add the logo of your company or the logo of your project.

6. Attachments
You can see attachments in the presentation mode, on map, episode and touchpoint level, so it is easier to show to others.

7. Updated icons
Some of the icons have been adapted to make them more intuitive.

8. Two emotion curves
You can now add a second emotion per episode, which makes it possible to create two emotion curves or split the curve in one or more episodes. This was a feature that was asked by a lot of our users.

9. Easier presenting
Presentation screens have been improved, where you have two options now: present in the browser of present in full screen, it's up to you!

10. Colours of emotions
Everywhere where you see the emotion of an episode or touchpoint, you see it in the color of the actual emotion from the Emotion Wheel.

11. Delete customer type
You can now delete a customer type that was wrong or you don't want to use anymore.

12. General bug fixes
We did this to make Milkymap less buggy and give you an awesome experience while using the platform.

RELEASE 1.1 - April 9th 2019

1.New design when building maps, easier to understand user interface and more consistent with the complete platform.
2. Touchpoints are visible in the presentation mode and you can turn them on and off. Next to that, you can hide the emotion curve, to only see the touchpoint.
3. Icons have been changed, to make them more intuitive and good looking.
4. When clicking on an episode, you can now see all the details of the touchpoints by clicking on a touchpoint.
5. When you have a Premium subscription, you can see this because you have a planet next to your profile picture.
6. Users with a basic account can now upgrade at several places in Milkymap, e.g. next to the profile picture.

RELEASE 1.00 - March 2019

1.New Designs, which includes an alien to help the user.
2. New filters for maps.
3. Edit maps in finished mode.
4. Premium, trial and regular users.
5. Provision to register.
6. Payment module to upgrade to premium.
7. Touchpoints can be sorted.
8. Emotions now has a list view along with wheel.
9. Episode curve in the presentation.
10. Customer type for maps.
11. Minor Changes and Bug fixes.

RELEASE 0.99_0.2 - October 29 2018

The changes we made to the Milkymap platform are as follows:

1.Changing the way a Milkymap can be finished (a switch replacing the flag). Because for users it was not clear enough how and where to finish a Milkymap to be able to share and/or export the Milkymap.

2.Export to pdf in a shared Milkymap activated.

3.File management - listing of all the files attached in the menu on the right. You can see the files, download them, see to which Milkymaps, episodes and/or touchpoints they are linked.

4.Demo maps - new demo Milkymap added, accessible through right menu. Next to the 'I buy a new car' demo Milkymap we have now added 'I visit a restaurant' demo Milkymap.

5.Dragging emotion curve up and down enabled for all users. You don't have to have a premium feature in Milkymap to have the ability to move the emotion curve.

6.Release notes link in the right menu, so this knowledgebase article is easy to find.

7.Languages added for Emotions, Verbs/Activities and Channels; French, German, Italian and Spanish.

8.Minor Changes and Bug fixes.

RELEASE 0.99_0.1 - October 15 2018

The changes we made to the Milkymap platform are as follows:

1.Changes to the touchpoint wizard; making it easier to create a touchpoint, with better help text and an easier way of choosing activities and channels.

2.Changes to the way messages are shown along with their appearance; in the messages that appear on top of the screen, it is possible to close it, to finish a Milkymap if applicable or to visit the pricing page.

3.Single user valid session enabled. Forced log outs in previous sessions; it is now not possible to be logged in into Milkymap more than one location or browser.

4.Images uploaded are immediately available in the library; now you can upload an image to your own library in the platform and it is immediately available in that Milkymap, episode or touchpoint. In the past you needed to refresh.

5.Minor Changes and Bug fixes; we constantly improve the platform.

Please let us know if you miss a functionality or if you have any other feedback.

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