VIP testers
In April of 2018 we started testing the prototype of Milkymap in its earliest stage. 30 Customer Experience experts were granted access to Milkymap as VIP testers to try it and give feedback. In that period we accepted subscriptions to the waiting list for the Beta version. In this period we received good feedback and we iterated the platform to be able to launch the Beta version on Friday the 28th of September 2018. A magical moment.

Beta testers
On this Friday the 28th of September 2018 we gave access to this second group, the testers of the Beta version. This group is also known as the Beta group. From that moment on it is possible to get on the 'Go live waiting list' to have early access when we go live to the public, worldwide.

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Go live of Milkymap
In February of 2019 Milkymap went live globally. In October 2020 we went live with the Milkymap Galaxy, an Enterprise version of Milkymap.

Keep an eye on our website and the press releases.

Happy Milkymapping!

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