In your profile settings, you can choose the standard language you want to create your Milkymaps in.

Next to that, you can choose a language with every Milkymap you create. The language you have chosen in your profile will be the standard setting for your new Milkymaps.

We give you the option to choose the language, because the emotions you choose in the episodes and touchpoints needs to be in the language you prefer for that Milkymap, of course. The rest of the text in the titles, touchpoints, activities and channels you can do in your own language.

We are starting with English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German and Italian, but soon we will be adding more languages. What is your language? Please send us a message and we will do our best to get your language in Milkymap available.

You cannot change the language of an existing Milkymap.

The platform Milkymap itself is in English, so the option to choose your language in your profile is only for the emotions, activities and channels in your Milkymaps.

Are you a translator and you want to help translating the emotions in another language? Please contact us.

Happy Milkymapping!

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