When you finished designing a Milkymap, you want to share it with the world or
use it in your own work. Click on the Export Milkymap icon on top of the screen:

You can export the Milkymap in several ways:

  • PDF; you can export your Milkymap to PDF, which makes it possible to print it on any scale. Useful for in workshops on the wall. The size of the file is small, so you can e-mail it to others or save it on your computer.
  • PNG; an image to use in you report or to send to colleagues. For printing a Customer Journey Map, please use the PDF version. The quality is better.
  • Excel; this feature makes it possible to have all the data from your Milkymap in an Excel file. This means you have all the episodes, touchpoint titles, images, scores, activities and channels in one overview in Excel. This way, it is easy for you to ask for input from colleagues when they do not have access to Milkymap or when you want to add data per touchpoint and do some Excel smart stuff to it.
  • .milkymap file; this complete export of the Milkymap gives you a file with the whole Milkymap in it. The amazing thing is that you can send it to someone else (watch the file size) and they can import it to their Milkymap account. Then they can work on the Milkymap themselves. Remember: this is a copy of the Milkymap, they are not working on your Milkymap. You can also save the file for yourself, just to be sure if you delete a Milkymap in your account or you want to use it in another account.

Enjoy your export, spread the word!

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