You can present your Milkymap in full screen. Click on the button for presentation mode to present your Milkymap. See below the button:

When you click on the icon, your Milkymap will be presented in your browser. Click on 'Full screen' to present in full screen mode.

Did you know that you can change the height of the journey curve on the full screen mode? Drag an emotion up or down.

Click on an episode title, image or description to start your storytelling, the episode description will be fully visible. You can browse through the episodes by clicking the arrows on the left and right side of the screen.

Clicking on the Touchpoints button will show the touchpoints in this episode. This button only works if you have 1 or more touchpoints in that episode, of course. :-)

By clicking on the 'Episode curve' icon on the left of the screen you can see the emotion curve within an episode. It is interesting to see how a customer is experiencing the journey within an episode. You can only change the order of the touchpoints in the edit modus of the journey.

Good luck with presenting your Milkymap!

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