An episode is a part of the journey, like a chapter in a book. It contains several touchpoints and let's you visualise and tell the story. You need at least 5 episodes and a maximum of 7 episodes in a journey. In that way it is easy to read the storyline and understand what is going on in the journey.

When start building a new Milkymap, you create an episode by clicking 'Add next episode' on the right side of the screen. You will see the fields below.

  • Title; the title of the episode is the summary of this part of the journey, e.g. 'I orientate' or 'I make a test drive'.
  • Description; the story contains the most common story of that episode. You describe the things that happening from a customer perspective.
  • Touchpoints; add the touchpoints that belong to this episode, click here for more info on how to make stunning touchpoints.
  • Emotion; the emotion from the emotion wheel that reflects the emotion of the customer in that episode. Choose one episode. In the premium version it is possible to choose 2 emotions per episode.
  • Image; choose an image from your own library or upload an image.
  • Attachments; choose the attachments from the list with attachments that you uploaded earlier or upload the attachment(s) that belong to this episode.

When you have entered and filled all the episodes you can finish the map and present the map. Congratulations and good luck!

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