When you added the last touchpoint to the last episode and you have finished your Milkymap, it is time to : 'Change status to finished'. Now there are four options that are available for you next:

  • View only link; share your map with the world or your colleagues, create and copy a unique link to have a view only version of your Milkymap.
  • Share Milkymap; send the Milkymap to someone by adding a message and choose the file type you want: Excel, PDF, PNG or the complete Milkymap as a .milkymap file.
  • Export Milkymap; download your Milkymap in the following file types: Excel, PDF, PNG or the complete Milkymap as a .milkymap file.
  • Presentation mode; switch to presentation mode by clicking the present button and present to the board, your colleague(s), parents :-) or your client. Blow them away with your episodes, descriptions, images and emotion curve(s). Explain the story, click on the episode to see the emotions and touchpoints, deep dive into the experience of the customer in the current or future state.

You can always edit your Milkymap. You can delete, edit or add information to your Milkymap in the episode editor.

Happy Milkymapping!

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