Every episode has several touchpoints. The activities in different channels with an intention or need are described in a touchpoint. You can build a touchpoint like this:

I [activity] [channel] because [intention / need]

With this setup of a touchpoint it is clear what the customer is doing, in what channel and with what intention or what need the customer has. You are free to enter the text in the touchpoint title field.
It is necessary that you enter the activity the customer is doing during the touchpoint in the drop down. You select the channel for this touchpoint also in the next dropdown menu. You can choose from the standard list or from the input you used earlier or enter a new activity or channel, it will be saved for next time.

You can find the screen for creating a touchpoint here:

Create around 20 to 25 touchpoints per episode, that's our advice.

What if... the customer is doing the exact same activity in a different channel? Then you create a new touchpoint, because the experience, satisfaction, the image and the emotion can be different. This way you capture the different touchpoints in different channels.

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