A Milkymap is a visualisation of the journey a customer, student, patient, parent, user or employee is going through. We call this person 'the customer' from now on, but this customer stands for every role described above and of course the role you are mapping the journey for. You design, describe and build a Milkymap so that you can present, share and improve this specific journey with a customer centric approach.

Click on the button with New Milkymap to start building a Milkymap:

Information on Milkymap level, the highest level.

The information that belongs to a Milkymap. You can always change this information later, except the language of the Milkymap. The language is fixed for every Milkymap that you create, when creating a map you choose the language.

  • Title; e.g. 'I buy a new car'
  • Description; the summary of the Milkymap, where you can enter information about the scope, personas, goals, creator of the map, background information about the documents that are used for this map, owner of the map or even the storyline of the customer.
  • Language; the language you set here is the language that is used in the emotion wheel. You pick the emotions in your own language. The labels and interface are in English, but what you enter in the map is your own language. For us it is important that you can express your emotions in your own language. That's why we have created this language option. Contact us if your language is not in Milkymap.
  • State; is this Milkymap created to reflect the current situation or the future situation?
  • Sector; the sector this map belongs to.
  • Customer Type: not every Milkymap is about a customer, sometimes there is a patient, citizen, student or internal customer. We created an option for you to choose from the list or to enter your own Customer Type. Do not confuse Customer Type with persona.
  • Image; use an image from your own library or ours to show what your Milkymap is about.
  • Attachments; almost all file types can be added in the form of attachments, these are the documents that belong to the map, like strategic plans, research, customer interviews, images that reflect the journey, etc. There is no limit on the number of attachments you want to add, but the maximum file size is 10mb.

It is also possible to import an existing map you saved or somebody shared with you. This is a file with the extension .milkymap and you can import it on the 'New Milkymap' page. This is a paid feature. Use this button:

Once you click 'Create Milkymap', you will see an empty screen, which is correct, you have to start entering the information for the Milkymap by building your first Episode, click here for more info.

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